Ever Grateful – 12″ x 17″ Large Platter

From DaySpring

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Enjoy the company of your loved ones and share with them the blessings you have received with this elegant platter from the Ever Grateful Collection. Say a prayer of thanks with them for the gifts that you are about to enjoy, including having each other, and be inspired by the inscribed scripture on the platter that reads, “Let there be thankfulness to God,” from Ephesians 5:4 NLT. This beautifully hand-painted piece will add style to your table decor while it also serves as a very useful vessel to hold God’s bountiful blessings, from appetizers, to the main entree, to dessert! The Ever Grateful message is also featured on the back of the platter: A grateful heart makes it easy to nurture other things in the soul – like joy, love, compassion, hope, and forgiveness. Thankfulness and humility, no matter our circumstance, can ignite our faith and give us the courage to look up and move on. God is ever and always in love with us and He has our best at heart. Because His heart is perfect, we can be thankful with every breath He gives.” This elegant platter comes in Wasabi Green and will make a great companion to the Ever Grateful Collection serving bowl. Platter size is 12″ x 17″.

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